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HAIR MAGIC MUST HAVE! - label.m Resurrection Style Dust

Mami, de data asta nu-i vina mea ca poftesc...blame it on Ema ca mi-a dat ideea! :)) Cele cu par fin, rar si lipsit de volum la radacina vor avea pupile-spirala. Cel putin eu sunt hipnotizata de perspectiva :

"Apoi am incercat un produs special pentru volum marca Label.m (latura profesionala a produselor comerciale Toni&Guy): Resurrection Style Dust. Produsul este excelent, este o pudra uscata volumizatoare care se autoelectrizeaza si are un efect efervescent. Pur si simplu ridica radacina firului. Produsul costa cca. 80 ron (cam scump), se poate cumpara de aici:
Un review aici: "

Iata review-ul realizat de A beauty junkie in London :

"Volumionous hair seems to be the number one hair request now a days - well, at least it is for me anyway. I have long hair, that is fine and generally quite flat and quite a pain in the bum to get looking like it has any volume. Over the years I have picked up a whole load of tricks (blow drying upside down, hairspray, not using too much conditioner etc etc) but I am always in search of miracle products that give me a little more oomph. I recently found one in the shape of LUSH Big Shampoo which I reviewed recently. But I have also found another one that I wanted to share my review of: Label.M Resurrection Style Dust.
With a name like Resurrection Style Dust I think the first thing that I thought was that it would be like dry shampoo, but this couldn't be further from the truth. This is a magical product that you use as a finishing step to hair styling, to give hair a boost and help get the volumised, bed-head look.
The dust comes in a small pot that is a similar size to a large bottle of nail varnish. This might sound weird, but it's fascinating to look at the dust if you give the pot a shake - it is so fine that a small shake puffs the powder up and then it gradually deflates as the weight of the powder pushes the air out. I know, this sounds a bit bizarre - but it actually helps demonstrate how clever the powder is. It is so fine that it almost weighs the same as air - a good thing when you are on the quest of volume.
So, enough about looking at the product - how does it work? (and more importantly DOES it work?) To use this powder - you simply shake the pot to dispense a *tiny* amount to the roots. Then, scrunch the roots up with your fingers to get the hair poofed (yes, that's a technical term).
So, does it deliver? It does, there is no doubt that this product delivers volume. I really like it, but there are a few points about it that may mean that it wont suit everyone. The powder creates messy volume and feels a bit sticky as it turns into a paste-like texture when applied - the messy texture isn't necessarily what everyone wants, so if you are looking for a neat style then this wont be for you. I also know that some people don't like the sort of product you can feel - as my Mum says, hair feels 'clarty' (she means dirty) - then you probably won't like this. You do have to be careful not to use too much or else hair will feel *too* sticky but it won't necessarily add any extra volume than using just a small amount.
It should also be noted that this isn't a product to be used all over - just at the roots, I use it on the crown area to create really localised volume.
Having said that this is a product you can feel, one of the things I really like about it is that it is one you can 'resurrect' (see what I did there) throughout the day. If you feel your hair is dropping a bit, all you need to do is scrunch up your roots again where you applied the product and the volume will be revived - just like magic.
Label.M Resurrection Style Dust costs £9.25 from Toni and Guy salons. I think this is pretty good value and only using a tiny amount means the product will last a really long time. I was sent this to review but will definitely buy this again when my sample runs out. If you want some messy root volume, or a bed head style then I think this is worth a look - as long as you factor in the points I mentioned earlier to decide if this is the product for you."

Vogue. com :

"With frizzy, dishevelled hair making a comeback for spring/summer 2009, and a lived-in, bed-head texture dominating the London autumn/winter 2009-10 catwalks, Label.M's Resurrection Style Dust has fast become a Beauty Editor's favourite backstage find. A combination of dry shampoo and sea salt spray, that was the Toni & Guy team's key kit product at LFW, the fine powder adds an instantly volumised, distressed and fluffy finish to hair, and an edgy boost to styles when applied throughout the day (or night). Sprinkle at roots and rough-up with fingers for tousled lengths and mussed-up up-dos. £9.25, available from Toni & Guy salons nationwide. "

some forum PRO :

  • I've got to say when I was shown this by a friend I was a little bit dubious... it effectively looks like talc in a bottle, so a white powder basically. However, as the bottle was transparrent and was half full so when she shook it up my eyes were on stalks! It basically filled the whole bottle and even though it was a powder, it seemed to be behaving like a liquid, swishing about and filling the whole area - weird! What this product does is gives your hair the equivalent finish as backcombing, but without having to put a comb anywhere near your hair (although you can use it in conjunction with backcombing but my goodness your hair would be MAHOOOSIVE!), so whatever style you're trying to create, be it a high fringe/quif, a beehive, a classic pleat or if you simply want to add more volume, then this product is immense! I'm aware there are a few other brands out there doing this type of thing but I certainly don't think there is another product on the market that creates this type of effect. BIG HAIR! As we all probably know, big hair is all the rage at the moment, and for that reason I think this product is definitely going to be the thing to use. I can't even explain what it does or how it does it, but (for all those bakers out there), it contains baking powder, so it kind of gives the same effect to your hair as it would if you added that to a cake -it fluffs it up! Its weird stuff, that's for sure, but it works so well.
  • This styling dust is perfect for second day hair. I use it sprinkled on the roots, and it gives my nearly waist length hair amazing volume. You only need the slightest amount, too much can look powdery. It adds texture and makes it easier to keep the style you want in place.
  • this product really does give great volume! Gives sexy bed head hair
  • I brought some online after a recomendation from my mums hair dresser. I love this, my hairs never really stayed put when Ive back combed it until i used this. Its really easy to use too and you only need a tiny bit
  • i love this pick up a section of hair near your rooots, sprinkle it on, then rub it in. once you rubs it put the section of hair down and then you can shape your pushing it up for volume x
  • This tiny pot of Resurrection dust can perform miracles! If you have inherited limp, fine hair but have always dreamt of having a Brigitte Bardot bouffant, then try this. All you need to do is shake the pot, sprinkle a small amount onto your roots and fluff your hair up a bit for instead volume. It leaves your hair feeling slightly rubbery but it really does work.
  • I am well known for my love of ‘volume at the crown’ hairdo’s, and whilst Cheryl is the queen of this, we can’t all afford hair extensions to achieve said voom and volume. I have resorted to back-combing over the years, but this is terrible for hair- but now, I have found THE MOST AMAZING product- Label M’s Resurrection Style Dust. When you shake it in the bottle the powder instantly inflates like magic and this is basically what it does to the root of the hair when amplified with fingertips. This combination of dry shampoo and sea salt spray not only adds volume but gives hair an amazing boost whenever you need it!! I’m obsessed and I urge you all to try…. For day or night big do’s!!
  • My flat hair sends me into such despair that I'm always hunting for a product that will give it instant lift. So when I discovered label.m's Resurrection Style Dust I was an immediate convert. Sprinkle a little of this hair powder around your roots, smoozhe it through with your fingers (and yes, I like to think that's a technical term) and hey presto - major volume! I also love the way the tube is small enough to keep in my bag for a post-work beauty fix.

Evident, exista si pareri aspectul nr. 1 este textura prafoasa, dar eu nu m-as impiedica de asta la evenimentele speciale. Pana la urma nu are cum sa reziste o coafura pe par fin si moale daca nu pui un bax de fixativ si nu il tapezi, si parca tot nu sta cum ti-ai dori. Asa ca mai bine imi suna sa pun o pudra doar la radacina si sa masez pana se "umfla".

O alternativa ce aparea chiar mai des glorificata este Osis Dust It de la Schwarzkopf. Vizionand videoclipul, la related videos veti gasi o multitudine de demos privind acest produs:

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  1. tu l-ai incercat Ramona?ca nu am inteles..scuze.pare interesant.acum tu imi dai idei ,,da? deci-imi trebuie!

  2. Ramona, Ramona ce-mi faci tu mie...:))
    ah...e posibil sa fie foarte dureros pentru portofelul meu care se aplatizează cu fiecare blog post pentru produse de volum.

  3. Nu Stella, abia aseara am aflat de el. Mai primisem un pont acum o luna, dar fata ce mi-a povestit atunci nu a stiut sa imi spuna denumirea produsului ci doar mi-a descris ce face si cat costa.
    De asta nici nu am postat review propriu, pentru ca nu stiu cum s-ar comporta pe parul meu. Eu doar poftesc momentan, ca tare bine suna din opiniile de mai sus (pescuite via google) :)
    Ema l-a incercat la salon.

  4. Natasa, si eu vreau!!! Asa tare ma enerveaza cand am nevoie de coafat si trebuie sa mi-l tapeze si "scalde" in fixativ, nu mai zic ca dupa arata a sarma si zici ca daca pui mana se sparge.
    Si pudra asta se pare ca face un pic radacina aspra, dar asemanau senzatia cu samponul uscat...cred ca as putea rabda. Fixativul il detest, spuma deasemenea...mai bine ceva "praf".

  5. ok,mersi mult,fetita o sa mi iau si iti iau si putina rabdare.pup

  6. acum m-am uitat acolo,nu am gasit produsul asta.poate in saloane?

  7. Stella, NU NU NU, nu mai face asa pentru mine te rog! Deja ai facut destul, si eu ma bucur mult pentru lucrurile frumoase pe care mi le-ai daruit de sarbatori fiindca chiar le folosesc mereu. Mai ales manusile, sunt atractie si pe strada :)

    Ce ma incanta cel mai tare la pudra asta e ca ei spun ca il aranjezi cu mana, cred ca m-as descurca pana si eu cu cele doua maini stangi. Habar nu am sa ma coafez, spre exemplu nu cred ca as fi in stare sa mi-l aranjez din perie sau sa il prind cumva mai deosebit decat coc si coada clasice, simple. Dar sa "scutur" un pic radacinile banuiesc ca nu-i mare filosofie oricat de neindemanatica as fi.
    Poate a mai folosit cineva si scrie parerea, sau poate aduce Ema completari. Cea de la Oasis ma indoiesc ca se gaseste in Romania.
    te pup

    P.S. Se pare ca ai influentat vremea cu visul de primavara, a dat soarele si se anunta si un weekend mai calduros. Deja ma gandesc la pantofi noi, nu stiu ce si cum, nu m-am uitat dupa ei.

  8. Cred ca se poate comanda si la saloane....Ema imi aratase aici :
    L-am mai gasit pe un site dar costa 110 lei, muuult.
    Si-am mai citit pe forumurile de afara ca il luau la reducere cand prindeau oferta pe site-ul ala de pe care comandau si Camelia si fetele. Imi scapa numele, ceva cu hair....

  9. Am si eu un balsam de par cu ovaz si miere de la Label M si imi place la nebunie!!!!

  10. Pont:
    Firma distribuitoare se numeste Beauty One Distribution, din Bucuresti (au si profil pe Fecebook cu aceeasi denumire). Trimiteti un mail si intrebati ce salon din zona voastra lucreaza cu Label.m. Poate salonul respectiv va lasa sa incercati produsul. Astfel, va faceti o idee daca se merita sa cheltuiti banii.
    Ce spuneti?

  11. eu am cumparat din dulapiorul adelei un spray de la matrix gama volume amplify!functioneaza foarte bine-il aplic la radacina pe parul umed,apoi ma usuc cu capul in jos!volumul se mentine 2-3 zile si parul nici nu mi se mai ingrasa pana a treia zi cand oricum mi-l spalam-daca nu am timp sa mi-l spal pot sta a-4a zi linistita!ce imi mai place mult la el e ca nu simt ca am folosit vreun produs de coafat-parul ramane matasos si parca mai stralucitor!am avut noroc l-am luat cu 25 ron!pe siteuri m-am interesat si costa undeva intre 45-60 ron!ne recomandase modniza un site cu produse pentru par-acolo l-am gasit la pret foarte bun,dar pentru mine e prea complicata treaba cu cardurile si posta!

  12. Ramona, ok,ok.Dar Big de la Lush ai incercat?ia vezi tu[k nu am timp,te rog]pe hairsupermarket asta Label sau poate altceva?uite te acolo,te rog

  13. Nu am avut nimic de la Lush, de fapt nimic profesional pentru par in afara de Fudge pe care le-am primit de la Ema pe la inceputul lui august parca.
    Am intrat pe linkul lasat de tine, am gasit pudra volumizanta Osis cea din videoclip : Sunt si acolo 3 demo cu rezultatul lui.

    si inca o pudra cu aceeasi functie, Indola Innova dar despre care nu am citit nimic pana acum :

    Sunt singurele pudre volumizatoare de pe hairsupermarket, nu au nimic Label.M
    Ma uit si ce celalalt magazin online faimos cand imi amintesc numele.

  14. Tentant si cel de care povestea ale mai sus : "eu am cumparat din dulapiorul adelei un spray de la matrix gama volume amplify!functioneaza foarte bine-il aplic la radacina pe parul umed,apoi ma usuc cu capul in jos!volumul se mentine 2-3 zile si parul nici nu mi se mai ingrasa pana a treia zi cand oricum mi-l spalam-daca nu am timp sa mi-l spal pot sta a-4a zi linistita!ce imi mai place mult la el e ca nu simt ca am folosit vreun produs de coafat-parul ramane matasos si parca mai stralucitor!am avut noroc l-am luat cu 25 ron!pe siteuri m-am interesat si costa undeva intre 45-60 ron!"

    Acum ma uit pe lookfantastic, eu nu am luat niciodata de la ei dar am vazut ca apare des mentionat in blogosfera. Par interesante :

    Dar eu tot vreau mai bine pudra, nu gel, nu spray, nu spuma.

  15. Am gasit pudra Label.M pe lookfantastic, dar numai varianta mare,salon size - 7g. Cea comercializata pentru "public" are in mod obisnuit 3 g.

  16. Mi-a sugerat o prietena inca o alternativa de pudra volumizanta, ea o foloseste la salonul unde lucreaza : Alfaparf, gama S4U. Costa cca 63 lei.

  17. am gasit pe siteul asta

  18. In Bucuresti se gaseste la salon Chic pe strada Duzilor, nr 22, sunt importatori.:P

  19. Ramona, multumesc mult pentru review. Reprezint firma Beauty One, cea care distribuie in Romania acest produs si te rog sa ma contactezi pe